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Café and room rental
Klint – The Café at the Danish Design Museum
+45 22 52 22 86
[email protected]

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The kitchen closes 30 minutes before the museum. During the summer period, the museum garden and the outdoor restaurant in Grønnegården closes at. 17:00 due to the outdoor theater in the garden.

See the museum’s opening hours.

Good design meets tasty food at the Design Museum’s Café Klint, where you can get everything from snacks to a good and filling meal. With a view of the museum garden, you can dine on food made with organic ingredients and great enthusiasm. Danish open-face sandwiches, hot meals, freshly-roasted coffee, organic soda or even a glass of wine. We happily serve the public, including tourists, families, and informal business get-togethers. Free admission – you do not need to buy a museum ticket to enjoy our hospitality. We are just inside the main entrance.


We’ve grown up with the big traditional Danish lunch table, which is one of our great inspirations. All of our dishes are based on good, Danish, seasonal ingredients, with a little twist of New Nordic cuisine. Our menu is always evolving, because we can’t help trying newer and tastier things.

See our latest menu

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Rent our event spaces

Designmuseum Danmark is a wonderful place to hold a meeting, a conference, a reception, a launch or a gala dinner. Within our historic building, we offer unique food and design experiences. Your event can take place in the café’s attractive rooms or in the museum’s historic Assembly Hall. We will put together a program for you. Contact us to hear more about options and prices.

Examples of our packages for parties, meetings and conferences

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Wednesday lounge

Enjoy laid-back Wednesdays in the café with three courses. Every Wednesday we are open late with a menu for all ages. The menu changes from week to week and consists of an appetiser, a main course and a dessert as well as cheese. Listen to design talks and music. On special Wednesdays, we turn the café into a stage, where words and music can be enjoyed along with the evening menu or just a drink.

Sign up for the newsletter below or keep an eye on the calendar:

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What’s going on

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We recommend that you reserve a table if you would like to dine with us on Wednesday evenings, when we have a large number of guests. You may only reserve a table if you plan to order a meal.

Contact us
+45 22 52 22 86
[email protected]

Behind the name: Café Klint

The Klint café is named after the furniture architect and professor Kaare Klint (1888–1954), who was the son of P.V. Jensen-Klint, the architect behind Grundvig Church, a masterpiece of Expressionist architecture. Kaare Klint is a very important person in Danish design history and for the museum in particular, since in the 1920s he worked with architect Ivar Bentsen on a thorough restoration and renovation of the museum. Klint also designed the beautiful display cases that are still used at the museum, and he had his furniture school on the premises.

About the museum’s history and architecture

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Thanks to

We would like to thank our partners for their contribution to creating a unique atmosphere in our café:

  • Danish lamp designer Le Klint for supplying us with the classic “Fruit Light” hanging lamps designed by Kaare Klint in 1944.
  • Iiattala/Fiskars for having supplied the plates and cutlery for the café  – including Kaj Franck’s iconic dishware “Teema”, which was designed in 1949-52.
  • Fritz Hansen for supplying Arne Jacobsen’s Grand Prix chairs from 1957 in coloured ash with chrome legs.
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Health and Sanitation Report

See our health and sanitation report from the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food (in Danish):

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